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📷: Inside an IS prison in Syria

👉Behind the steel door, the men crammed into poorly fortified jails such as this one in Hasakeh hail from dozens of countries that don’t want them free — but don’t want them back either.
With 5,000 inmates — Syrian, Iraqi, but also British, French, German — the prison is bursting with the flotsam of the international jihadist army IS raised five years ago.
Some of the detainees are teenagers, and none of them have been under the sun even once in months or more.
Their grey foam mattresses overlap to carpet the cold floor, with only one corner of the cell taken by a basic, half walled-off pit latrine.
The stench is overwhelming in the nearby medical ward, where visitors are given surgical masks at the door.
They have virtually no knowledge of what is happening outside, their days measured only by the absent-minded thumbing of beads and the five daily Muslim prayers.(AFP)

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SOURCE:Voice of America – VOA

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