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Politics is not dirty because God himself is a politician- Rev Amoo Darko

A Member of the National Peace Council, Dr  Nii Amoo Darko has sought to debunk the perception that politics is a dirty game that must be avoided by the righteous in society, arguing that God himself is a politician and therefore all morally upright, right-thinking persons must get involved in politics.

Reverend Dr Nii Amoo Darko, quoted from the book of Isaiah and Psalms (115: 16) to back his assertion that politics must be engaged in by all righteous in society contrary to widespread notions that politics is reserved for the ruthless and corrupt.

“People tend to think that politics is dirty. And therefore if people who appear to be righteous and right in the eyes of society should not be involved. But I there say that politics is not dirty because God himself is a politician. In the Book of Isaiah, Hon Speaker, in chapter 33 : 22, the Bible says God says: “I the Lord your God,  I am your Judge, I the Lord your God, I am your Law Giver,  I the Lord your God I am your King, I will save you.”

And if you look at this from the Book of Isaiah, and God is talking about the judiciary, he is talking about the legislature, he is talking about the Presidency being the judge, the lawgiver and the king to save…”he stated while presenting copies of his latest book dubbed ‘Christianity and Politics’ that encourages the righteous to go into politics to Parliament last Thursday.

Rev.  Dr Nii Amoo Darko explained that his book is meant to encourage the righteous, serious-minded persons and all believers to venture into politics and participate in nation building.

He presented some there hundred copies of the book to parliament through the Speaker of Parliament.

The perception that politics is reserved for the heartless and corrupt has discouraged many people who are seen as right thinking and compassionate from getting involved so as to avoid the tag of being corrupt and dishonest Zoure/2019

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