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Bitter and deceitful people getting away with lies about my coups – Rawlings moans

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has hit back at those who condemn the military coups he led in 1979 and 1981 as “warped minds full of hate and bitterness” who have been paid ” to distort and cover up events of our history with callous stories and lies”, wondering why such persons get away with such lies and deceit.

“An important lesson in history is going to be lost on this nation because a handful of warped minds, full of hate and bitterness are being paid to distort and cover up events in our history with callous stories and lies. Why do we sit and allow these perfidious characters to get away with these lies and deceitful machinations through the power of the media all to the detriment of the nation?” he wondered in his speech commemorating his 1981 coup.

He explained that the coups were necessitated by the circumstances of the time, and demanded for by Ghanaians and that they were not staged by him for his parochial interests.

“In 1979 Ghanaians had suffered years of abuse and corruption and sought natural justice to punish some of those who were responsible for the humiliating circumstances they suffered…

“The two interventions 1979 and 1981 were not about Rawlings. They were the effects of the mood of the country and the mood of the people. In telling the story, the context and the circumstances cannot be discounted or overlooked.

An explosion of human rage in our history, meant to teach us not to treat fellow human beings with disrespect, is being distorted by persons who lack credibility,” he fumed.

Many have condemned the continuous commemoration of the coups on 4th June 1979 and 31st December 1981 by Rawlings and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) –which resulted from the coups– since coups are crimes against the state. 

But Rawlings and the NDC and supporters of them have insisted that the coups and the resultant excesses which caused many deaths and suffering are important interventions in our history that ought to be commemorated. Zoure/2019

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