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Deceitful Nduom should have been in jail – Fadi Dabbousi

Tough-talking staunch member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Fadi Dabbousi has opined that owner of defunct GN Bank, Paa Kwesi Nduom, would have been in prison were Ghana a different country for dissipating depositors’ money among others.

The Lebanese-Ghanaian known for his strongly-worded articles has described Dr Nduom as a business jester who is neither a businessman nor a politician, but a quack in everything who has cheated his depositors, and deceived his employees who have been rendered unemployed after the collapse of his bank and other financial institutions.

“From the relevance of all that happened in our midst, my opinion is that Dr Nduom is a business jester, who is more obsessed with employing laughable tactics to keep the money of clients he seemed to have swindled as he climbed the ladder of the rich, famous, and mighty.

So, he started a bank to gather enough cash in order to finance his companies? I am told that most of the companies that had taken loans from his Bank, GN Bank, were his own that numbered some 49 private entities or thereabout,” Mr Dabbousi wrote in his opening paragraph.

“In another country, say the USA where he bought an ailing bank to resuscitate, using the meager deposits of unsuspecting Ghanaians, he would have served a lengthy jail sentence, as a friend suggested, maybe 150 years, that being a bit too many years though,” he added.

Mr Dabbousi then accused Dr Nduom of having transferred over $60 million to the United States of America for his own use.

“I am also informed that he made a gargantuan transfer from Ghana to the USA of over $60 million US Dollars. Let the deceived employees and cheated customers of Nduom’s financial institutions be told that their money was transferred to the USA to be engaged in his personal business enterprises,” he alleged.

He further accused Dr Nduom of inciting his employees against the President for cleaning his mess.

“Shame on you, Paa Kwesi Nduom, you were the last person I thought would behave so lowly.

You are inciting your unfortunate employees against the government when you know all too well that they were your victims first before being those of the fiscal cleanup exercise. If you had not conducted yourself in such a deceitful manner, and if you had not preyed on the fortunes of unsuspecting customers, and if you had not connived with certain corrupt NDC officials as I am told you did, and if you had not tried to develop exponentially using the undue advantage you had against innocent people, your employees would not have lost their jobs,” he maintained.


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