Tuesday , March 31 2020
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l love JM but prophet Nigel Gaise is a liar – Mzbel

I really really feel sorry for those of u comrades insulting me because u believe NDC needs Nigel Gaise and some Prophecy rather than hard work and truth to win 2020 election!!!!

And to some of u our top men and women calling and begging me to seize fire on behalf of this Nigel Gaise guy knowing very well how filthy and a liar he is… I am not only disappointed in u but u totally disgust me!

I am 1001% NDC and i love JM too but I’m also a human being, a woman and I have legal rights so keep running your mouth!

That filthy guy Nigel knows what he has done and how to fix it but choose to mess around so leave Politics out of this! This is purely Human Right!!!

And oh if u think Nigel gives a shit about NDC then think again cuz he has the worse and I mean worse things to say about JM, he just wants money and fame just like most people!!!! GTFOH
Y’all can rant below IDGAS!

source;Mzbel Facebook Page


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