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I should have spoken better as CID boss – Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah

The former Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, says the manner in which she relayed information to the public as CID boss is one of the things she wished she had done better.

Speaking on the sidelines of a forum organized by the National Lottery Authority (NLA) on Tuesday, January 14, the former CID boss, now heading to the Police Welfare Department, said the decision to ‘hoard’ certain information from the public made room for speculations that cost the Police Service.

“What I would have done is our communication; communication to the public through the media. Sometimes we keep a lot of things to ourselves, we don’t share so in the absence of accurate information, the media will fill the gap with rumours.

“So if there is anything that I would have done better, it would be our communication to the media; when something happens, we should come out and tell the public through the media what it is. We shouldn’t allow the media to set the pace for us to be defending, but rather we should tell the story,” Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah told the media.

She was at the helm of affairs when the case involving the kidnapping of some three girls in Takoradi was at its height.

She came under heavy criticism for how she conveyed information regarding the case to the public.

In one such instance, the former CID boss came out publicly to give an assurance that the police knew where the three girls were and that they were safe, only for the opposite to be confirmed later, with the police eventually announcing the girls were dead.

This did not go down well with a lot of Ghanaians, who called out the former CID boss for deceiving the public and even called for her resignation from post.

A few months after the kidnapping case was put to rest, Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah was moved to become the new Director-General of Police Welfare in a police reshuffle.


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