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Kasoa roads turns market.

Roads around the Kasoa interchanges has been converted to market by some traders

This is common around the roads from Amamfuom bus stop through the Jucad Pharmacy to the bus stop near the flyover. It will amaze you to see some traders arrange barnes of yam, tomatoes, bread, coconut on truck, a car parked to sell shoes among others on the road whiles city authorities appears unconcerned.

On the nyarnyarno road, from the interchange and in front of the ECG office, some traders sell on the pavements in between the dual carriage road. This also makes it difficult for pedestrians crossing one side of the road to the other as, they have to beg the traders on the pavement a way to pass.

This development puts the lives of pedestrians in danger as they are forced to walk on the road. Speaking to some pedestrians, they lamented about the fact that, they might accidentally push to the ground some of these goods and may have to bear the cost if the goods are destroyed. They blamed other pedestrians for patronizing their goods to enhance their interest to sell in that area.


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