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Results Fair is very unnecessary and a complete waste of time and resources-A Plus

A Plus writes:

“The Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation has organized its 2020 Results Fair to create the platforms for ministries, departments and agencies to provide the public with the results of policies and interventions that they have spearheaded.”

That’s very unnecessary and a complete waste of time and resources. We need serious action, not a funfair. Let the ministry of roads and highways give Ghanaians an account on roads built in the last ten years, how much of the taxpayers money was spent on them, how long they were supposed to last and the current situation of the roads.

About 80% of our annual budget goes to the public sector, out of which we pay highways engineers huge sums to ensure that roads that are constructed are of a certain standard. Sadly, some of these criminals at the ministry connive with contractors, take a certain percentage of the contract sum and allow contractors to build roads which washes away even when kids pee on it.

Unfortunately, we vote for presidents who fail to deal with these criminals and murderers who waste our money on these bad roads which keep causes accidents which takes lots of lives and injures many.

The ministry for monitoring and evaluation as the name suggests must invite highways authorities who approve such roads for questioning as to why roads in Ghana don’t last their expected periods and where necessary, prosecute them for shoddy works to serve as a deterrent to others.

There is plenty of work to be done by the ministry for monitoring and evaluation. It can play a very vital role in the development we all seek if they stop this “our day” and tackle very important issues.

If you have worked, you don’t need to organize a fair to tell people your achievements, your achievements will speak for themselves. I have “cut my hair punk.” Do I have to organize an exhibition to show people that my hair is punk? Can’t you see my punk?

You criticized the NDC green book which had terminal 3, Tema port expansion, Circle interchange, Bank of Ghana Hospital, Kasoa Interchange, E blocks, University of Ghana Hospital, Ridge Hospital Kejetia Market just to mention a few, only to win power to organize a results fair to show people one village one pothole and “free traffic light SHS”; red means stop. Yellow means get ready. Green means go go go and go…. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


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