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The rate at which Oppong Nkrumah tells lies we doubt if he’ll go to heaven – ASEPA

Executive Director of group  Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA), Mensah Thompson has lashed out at Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah for being a “chronic liar” about issues in government.

According to the group, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah Would Definitely Not Make it to “Heaven”.

The group picked a fault with the Sunday Press Conferences of the Information minister accusing him of using the platform to churn out lies.

“I mean among all the days, Kojo always decides to choose Sundays to lie to the Public in such a glaring manner that leaves Satan himself wandering if he is the original Satan or God created  another. It hasn’t been too long when same Kojo Oppong Nkrumah gathered Journalists in this Country on a hot Sunday afternoon at Peduase Lodge to tell them how many Cabinet Meetings President Akufo Addo has held so far and how that is a testament that the Government is really performing….ridiculous isn’t it?” Mensah Thompson who is leader of ASEPA wrote.

Read the rest of the arricle below:

Well today he summoned Journalists again on a hot Sunday afternoon to tell them that the parked Ambulances that have recieved a lot of public criticisms will be dispatched on Tuesday because they have now completed the training of the EMT staffs who would operate the Ambulances….Hehehe this guy can lie for the World!

Ghana in 2016 operated over 135 Ambulances manned by technically trained operators, as we speak all the Ambulances have broken down leaving about 55 currently operational across the Country.
This means that as we speak, there are over 80 already trained EMT staffs and their auxiliary workers sitting at home left jobless or perhaps reassigned.

Come to think of it, a proactive Government would have concurrently trained operators after the order has been placed so that as soon as the Ambulances arrived you take the already trained EMT staffs through a quick familiarisation program and they are good to go.

But NO! the Cantata Government preferred to take delivery of a very important commodity like Ambulances, parked them in front of the State house for only God knows how long whiles innocent Citizens  die-away preventably and now Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has the guts to call Journalists just to deliver a face saving lie to the people because according to him, we are all dump and daft!

Fair enough, the value of our Ghanaian life is as less valuable as a Presidential fun fare…yoo we hear.

But on the flip side it was a very nervy to again watch Kojo this afternoon clinge unto Moody’s ratings as the only testament of the performance of the so called Economic Management Team.
Aww, when you are drowning in the ocean,  even a straw looks like an oak tree…

As for the CPI, Kojo’s attempt to confuse the Journalists gathered with some figures from the Corruption barometer report was such a ridiculous moment to behold.

Now i know we are definitely going to miss my dear brother Kojo in heaven….smh


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