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Kwaku Azar writes on the ‘Airbus scandal’

A few hours ago, Sri Lanka’s president ordered a fresh investigation of the bribery payments disclosed by the Airbus probe. The opposition has supported this order. Of course, yesterday the Malaysian Corruption Czar indicated he too was investigating their payments.

I trust that we too will, with immediate effect, investigate the bribery payments to acquire the C-295. And as in Sri Lanka, I trust that we will not politicize this urgent need to do something about these corrupt practices that are denying us the standard of living that we deserve.

The story so far is that Airbus paid I8, essentially a payment vehicle, for onward transfer to Company D, essentially a straw company, to I5, a dual-citizen, to influence GO1, a government official, to buy 3 C-295.

Why will a simple transaction of buying C-295 from Airbus be structured in this complex manner?

Who is I5, GO1 and I8? What about I6 and I7, the friends of I5?

If law enforcement wants these answers, they can get them tomorrow using the MLA.

128/1820 is a bona fide scam and sham.

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