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Ghana’s roads most dangerous place to be – BPS

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) has described roads in Ghana as the dangerous place to be in a new report dubbed Ghana Public Safety and Crime Report (BPS Watch).

According to the report, transportation-related incidents accounted for the majority of deaths and injuries in Ghana.

The report revealed that over 900 casualties were recorded in 2019 representing 45% of all casualties.

“Transportation-related events reported for the year 2019 was dominated by road transport events. 147 cases monitored accounted for 915 casualties representing 45% of all casualties recorded. This makes Ghana’s roads the most dangerous place to be in Ghana, as it accounts for the majority of deaths and injuries contributed by a single public safety index,” BPS noted in its report.

The report broadly categorized public safety issues into ten categories (index) namely; crime, violent crime, fires related incidents (industrial or workplace), transportation-related incidents, civil disturbances and police officer casualties.

Others were police brutalities, police arrests, natural disasters and general incidents.

Below is the link to the full report by the Bureau of Public Safety.



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