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Construction ongoing on Aburi mountain in defiance of Minister’s directive

Even though the Minister for Roads and Highways Kwasi Amoako Atta has directed that all construction works on the Aburi mountain be ceased, Citi News can report that some private developers have defied the directive and are going about undertaking construction works.

Over the weekend, Citi News sighted some private developers constructing a building up the hill.

The developer had brought a concrete mixer near the site to feed concrete into the ongoing building project on the mountain, in clear disregard of the directive.

Kwasi Amoako Atta in October 2019 urged local assemblies whose control span the Aburi mountain area not to issue permits to any private developer to undertake any work on the mountain.

He said the assemblies need to be firm and take action against persons who flout the directive.

The Minister gave the instruction following suggestions that the many construction activities on the mountain are fuelling the breakdown and fall of rocks on the Peduase-Ayimensa road.

“We have to bring this to the attention of the local government authorities. I will do that with my colleague and issue a strong warning to all the relevant assemblies not to issue permits to potential developers on top of this hill. It lies within their domain to take action. Should any recalcitrant developer try to do that, immediately, such development must be halted by the assembly through demolition. We won’t even allow it to come up at all,” he said.

Within a period of less than a month, two rockfall incidents had been recorded which led to the temporary closure of the Accra bound section of the Aburi – Ayi Mensah road.

That section of the road remains closed to date.

Some handymen who were working on the private construction project did not give information to Citi News about their action nor information about the ownership of the ongoing project.

Source; Citinewsroom


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